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Breacher Buddy is watching your back while you watch ours!  As a small Veteran and Law Enforcement owned company our entire mission is built around yours.  Our patented Breacher Buddy is the extra person on your clearing team.  Doors are made to be opened and closed, not babysat while your team is making entry!  B.B. is the extra person on your team that will watch and hold that door while you make America Proud!

Breacher Buddy

                  INVENTED WITH PURPOSE

The conception of the Breacher Buddy

Breacher Buddy like most great inventions was born out of necessity to prevent dangerous situations and loss of life to our door breaching community.  In May of 2021 one of our founding BB members was serving a warrant in San Luis Obispo CA with a small team when the worst case scenario struck resulting in the loss of his teammate and beloved member of the San Luis County Police force.  This prompted us to come up with a way to prevent these occurrences as much as we could.  We went to the drawing board and got to thinking.  One factor that always exists for breachers and breaching teams is the door after breach.  Basically how can we keep the door in place after breach without having to address it once it's open and most dangerous?  Well long story less long story.... WE DID IT!! Say hello to the Breacher Buddy

Breacher Buddies

We Stick It, You Kick It

Let me introduce you to the Breacher Buddies.  Our team is dedicated to providing a world class product and customer service which is unmatched.  Backgrounds ranging from power production/ engineering and Steel fabrication to law enforcement and military provide multiple vantages to get the job done right!


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